Iloilo: Queen City of the South

March 4, 2008

Because of her rich culture, history and tradition, booming economy, attractive tourist spots, delicious delicacies and warmth-loving people made Iloilo City the “Queen City of the South” but unfortunately was dethrone by her neighboring city, Cebu City. Though dethroned by her former glory, Iloilo City manage to gain the title “City of Love”.

Iloilo City is rich in culture and tradition. Has a booming economy, attractive tourist sports, delicious delicacies and loving people. Currently known as the “City of Love” because of her loving and sweet people.

Iloilo City is famous because of its Dinagyang Festival. The most celebrated festival here in the city bagged many national and international awards such the “Best Tourism Award”. It distinguished Iloilo City as one of the hottest tourist destination in the country.

New establishments are sprouting all over the city and there are many international companies believed in her business potential which driven them to invest in it. Also, old and new local businesses are flourishing.

People from all over the country and even local loves the taste of Lapaz Batchoy. This is by far the most popular delicacy of Iloilo City.

Iloilo City may be popular only in own territory, Philippines but not yet to the rest of the world.